Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Okay, I was having a bad joke day.

If anyone can come up with something better for this picture, just post it in the comments and I'll edit the picture with the funniest joke. The winner gets a free hug.


lucyrogue said...

Well I should think the answer to this is obvious.

Boy: O RLY?
Boy: NO WAI!

Gold. And original.

Catherine said...
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Catherine said...

Boy: and then one day the man was like "fuck this shit"...
Dog: What a bunch of bullcrap.

(Can't believe I made a typo with the other image open on my screen here. I suck.)

Joe said...

I really dig the continuity there. It's like you're building some kinda "world" that all my drawings inhabit. I like it.

Only you, me, and the three other people that read this blog would get it though. :)

Catherine said...

That's the beauty of inside jokes.
It was my first thought upon seeing the image though. I kinda expected the boy to kick the puppy, for some reason. Maybe because I was having a bad day at work and I wanted to say "fuck this shit."

I like the world that your drawings live in. It's a fairly innocent place, and everyone is friends. Even the space zombies.