Friday, June 01, 2007

Winter is here.


Here's a convenient update in convenient point-form for your convenience.

- In-between paid illustrating jobs at the moment. Next one should start next week. But I've got some interesting free work to keep me busy.

- Started going to the gym yesterday. I was putting it off until I got an MP3 player so that 1. I didn't have to listen to the ridiculously loud techno they pump and 2. so that nobody tried talk me into buying a 30kg barrel of protein powder. I felt real good after the workout yesterday, but SHIT am I feeling it today.

- Going to Darwin in about a month's time! Looking forward to seeing the girlf and kickin' it North Side. Represent.

- It's the first day of winter. It's been shit cold here lately, but I've been putting off turning on the heater until winter. Call it carbon conservation, if you want. I call it mild OCD.

That's about it I think. I'm generally happy. Going to meet Louie and Unit in the city for lunch at this place where you pay to MAKE YOUR OWN SANDWICH. Apparently you pay based on how much it weighs when you're done.

I'm bringing my chequebook LOL!



Ally said...

Ha, it is weird to read how it's winter down there... it's about 75F here which I don't know how warm that is in Celsius but it's probably warmer than winter temperatures. Yeah.

meli said...

Since when do you use the expression LOL?

Joe said...

That's exactly the point... I was being sarcastic.