Monday, October 29, 2007

Illustrators Australia "Connected" Seminar and Business Plans

So a good friend Steve put me onto Illustrators Australia a while back, and last week I finally got around to checking it out and eventually becoming a member. I joined up just in time for a seminar they were holding over the weekend called "Connected". Unfortunately I could only make it to the first day, but I still got lots out of it.

Basically there were a few industry professionals giving talks that went for about 60 minutes each, including question time. There were about 50-60 illustrators there, less than I expected, but I wasn't complaining. The highlights for me were Andrea Innocent, an illustrator who talked in detail about using the Web to the full advantage of your illustrating business, and Nigel Buchanan, one of the "big name" illustrators that spoke over the weekend about their work, influences and thoughts on the industry at large.

I came away from the seminar with a lot of ideas and "things to do" swimming around my head. I let them simmer for an evening and a day and now I'm gonna put some plans into motion. That's right! I'm actually doing something!

One goal is to integrate my various web presences under the banner of "Lucy's Balloon", which is the business name I chose a few months ago but never really applied. I've got the domain and the server space and I'm looking forward to getting the website under way. The goal is to have a "one-stop-shop" sort of website, where my blog, gallery, etc. are all integrated into a single web presence.

One thing I'm planning to do, which is kind of an ongoing endeavour, is to use my new Flickr! account (nothing there yet), my Facebook, and other web communities (forums, blog networks, etc.) to promote my work and business, and to converse with my peers, etc, etc. I already put a fair amount of time into this stuff, so I'll just be "refocussing" my efforts to be more business-minded.

I'm also looking into getting limited edition archival prints made of my work for the purpose of selling online. I'm currently investigating the Giclée printing process.

On the non-Web side of things, I'm building a professional folio of work to present to various Art Directors, Agencies, Editors, etc, etc. I'm not gonna finalise this until I feel like I've got a professional body of work to show. I'm getting closer. I've got a few projects in the works at the moment so that will surely help.

So there you have it! I feel like after a couple of weeks of debilitating de-motivation, I'm finally getting my shit back on track.

*think successful thoughts*

*think successful thoughts*

No new images to show, but here are some sketches from last week:


Anonymous said...

Hey Joe,
Nice write up and love the work... I can see why you would like pixar.... your work is perfect for character development and animation.

Wanted to let you know about this site too: , she also has a website and there's alot of really useful info on how to market yourself and make it as an illustrator.

Keep drawing and as I always say "Let's be making happy pictures!"
from innocentgirl

Joe said...

Thanks for the linkage and the kind words!

Ally said...

so awesome :) and exciting.