Friday, February 29, 2008


Seems like I've been updating this thing less and less often, which is a real shame. I've gotta get back into the habit of drawing just for me. Everything I've been doing lately has been work related, which is good, in a way, as it means I'm actually getting work. But my work morale is suffering a bit from the lack of personal projects. I might implement some kind of daily sketch thing starting Monday. Or I might not. We'll see.

Here's a sketch for an educational text I'm working on:

And here's the completed Lucy's Crown poster:

The band has been in the studio recording their first EP and they want to use my poster art for the cover, which is pretty sweet.

Finished work on the Sammy J job. I went to the first performance the other night. It was a secret show for family, friends and industry peoples. It was completely kick-ass. Seriously, if you're in Melbourne during the Comedy Festival, or Adelaide during the Adelaide Fringe Festival, you must check out the show: Sammy J in the Forest of Dreams.

Peace out, homeslices.

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