Thursday, March 06, 2008

Less Grotesque

I was asked by my client to make the characters I was drawing "really cute", so here's what I came up with:

They didn't much like it. In fact, they asked for the characters to be "less grotesque". And here they are:

I still like the look of my original characters better, the newer ones look a little too generic to me, but I'm working for a very fickle Japanese market, and they apparently like their cuteness.


Catherine said...

The Japanese? Like things that are cute? Say it isn't so!

Actually, I like girl #1 and baby #2, so I guess I'm pretty fickle too.

Joe said...

I was shocked. :O

ally said...

I like the first one. :)

Duke Falcone said...

The Japenese? U mean those sandal-wearing gold fish tenders?