Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Some work, why don't I?

Here are some pictures I did for work.

Moby Dick 2: The Dickening

Math is boring!

Mary had a little lamb and it did stuff. Teacher does not like.

This was for a rhyme about a dude with seven wives. And each wife had seven sacks. Look at all them sacks. I think I kinda pimped the guy out a little too much. Maybe I should have gone for more of a Catholic look (they can have more than one wife, right?) I've yet to hear the feedback but I suspect they may object.

Don't ask me what is happening here. You can just make it up yourself.

"Rain, rain, go to Spain." Spain has the odd misfortune of rhyming with rain. Hence it has forever been doomed to use in occultish curses on the weather.


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