Thursday, December 29, 2005


Yesterday I had a really good idea for a drawing and I was all like "fuck, that's a really good idea for a drawing" but now I forget what it was. I know I had one idea for a drawing of a teddy bears' picnic, and another idea for a drawing of a ninja, but neither of those are the ones that made me curse. I really wish I could remember what it was.

Anyway, I haven't been posting the last couple of days because, well... I have no excuse. Just deal with it.

I moved into my brother's old room on Tuesday (he moved out) and it's bloody awesome. It's at least nine times the size of my old room and I am exaggerating. (I'd take some photos to show you, but my sister took the digital camera to Thailand and dropped it or something, so it's fucked.) The only thing I used to do in my old bedroom was sleep and sometimes get dressed when society required it. In my new room I have my bed, computer, couch, bass, PlayStation, TV, books, DVDs, telephone, and a ball of rubber bands that I made today. (I haven't moved my clothes in here yet, so I still get dressed in my old room, when I have to.) Plus there's a fridge just outside my room in the garage. I think I'm in danger of forgetting that there's a world outside of my wee sanctuary here.

If it wasn't for this damned digestive system I'd probably never leave.

Anyway, here's a grisly shot I did for the feature film I'm storyboarding. This should keep you placated until I think of another really good idea for a drawing.

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