Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Hey. I've created this weblog to post daily sketches and maybe (maybe) some random thoughts. I'm not really into keeping a journal sorta thing, but if I feel like writing something down, I guess here's where you'll find it. I mainly created this "blog" to encourage myself to draw more often. I'm gonna aim at posting at least one drawing a day. Don't expect anything spectacular (although I have been known to blow people away, on occasion).

As with most of my creative ventures, this journal is extremely volatile. As it stands, it's just an experiment, and I don't expect it to last forever, so neither should you.

Anywhat, that's it for now. Oh... I guess I'd better post a drawing. Well, here's one I did today:

I know. Not exactly the most glamorous way to kick this thing off, but hey. You get what you pay for, and this shit's free.

See ya tomorrow (maybe).



Catherine said...

It's Joe!

Joe said...

It's SC!