Friday, January 06, 2006

Captain Spandex, The Adventures of

I almost trashed this drawing like, 5 times as I was working on it. It still doesn't entirely impress me.

I was trying something different with the linework. It's all the same weight. I was going for an old-timey comic book feel, but I don't think I really nailed it. I think I'll stick to my usual varied line weight.


Steve said...

Noticed the addition of hatching down the shadowed side. Haven't seen that done by you in some time. Gives it a retro look. The stances awkwardness deflates the sense of hime being a true hero and makes him look like a bit of a dork. I like it.

Joe said...

I spent way too much time on the pose and it still didn't turn out how I wanted it to.

I really wish we still had a life drawing class. That helped me so much.

I saw a good book on anatomy for artists (actually, I think that was the title) at Borders yesterday, but I couldn't afford it. I dunno... maybe I should get one of those little wooden poseable dudes.