Tuesday, January 24, 2006


I've been meaning to link to a bunch of other blogs/comics that take my fancy, so here they are:

White Ninja - An online comic. So odd sometimes that you just have to laugh.

Michael Foster - A sketch blog by a guy with an awesome retro 60's style that I wish I could do.

Copper - A monthly webcomic by Kazu Kibuishi. Beautiful environments.

TenNapel.com - The blog/website of one of my heroes (in art), Doug TenNapel. Be carfeul, though. He's a right-wing conservative Christian.

Jellaby - A comic by Kean Soo. Touching and funny writing and great artwork.

Butterfly - Webcomic by Dean Trippe. A great take on the whole superhero/sidekick thang.

I'll update later in the day with a new pic, maybe.

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