Monday, July 24, 2006

The doodle abides...

Seeing as this is s'posed to be a sketch journal, I thought I'd post some actual sketches, rather than just finished pieces.

As far as I'm concerned, anything wearing a shirt and tie is funny.

Sketch for a frame of a short story called "zteewz". I may consider finishing it some day.

Sketch for the teddy picture. He seems more... buoyant in sketch form.

I think I was just testing out some brushes here.


I abandoned this drawing when I realised I was ripping off something I saw somewhere else.

Sketch for the Narnia drawing. I like the way the wardrobe leans towards her in this sketch. Something I wish I'd captured in the finished piece.

I drawing-related news, I just bought the amazing third volume of the Flight anthology. Some fully-sick stuff in there. I don't think the storytelling is as strong as the last book, but the range and quality of art is spectacular. I especially love the world Rad Sechrist creates, Bannister's cute girl, and Reagan Lodge's fox, which reminds me of that Belle & Sebastian song, Fox in the Snow. Some really inspirational stuff in there. Get's my creative juices flowin' like a mo-fo, yo.


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I like your doodles

Joe said...

Should do it.



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