Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Some things you should know:

- I've been sick.

- Pirates 2 was great.

- So was Superman.

- Yes, Karim and I went to Coburg Baptist's. I will write it up sometime this week.

- Haven't felt like drawing much lately.

- Wolfmother was awesome.

- Music I've been listening to: Air, Zero 7, Augie March, Nizlopi.

- I got mad-crazy uni grades. I'm dying to go back.

Hopefully a more substantial update will follow shortly.


lucyrogue said...

More important things...

-I've been crazy healthy except for when I was riding against the wind uphill on Trower rd and had a mad coughing fit in front of many cars.

- Haven't seen Pirates but hear it has a shite ending

-Superman was b-o-r-i-n-g and totally a rip-off of the bible. That guy is more Jesus than Aslan is.

-Haven't been to church and am not going to post about it

- Have been drawing. Ok Colouring inside the lines on newspaper pictures so that people have purple heads, bloodshot eyes, etc.

- Screw Wolfmother. Dixie Chicks are coming to Australia in October. WOOOHOOOOOOO!!!!

-Music I've been listening to: Air (true dat), Dixie Chicks, Franti, James Blundtdtdtdtd single I got for a buck.

- Uni grades schmooni grades. Surely art cannot be graded. I want longer holidays.

So now you know the REAL news.


Joe said...

Gosh! Way to be contrary.

lucyrogue said...

contrary? me?