Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Rain, rain... it went away!

Click on the image for the bigger version. DO IT!

Here are some snaps of the process:

The shitty original sketch. I came pretty close to chucking it.

Fixing up the sketch. You can see the the body structure here. That really helped in getting the proportions right.

Cleaned up line-work.

Some flat colour.

An alternative colouring I did using the burn and dodge tools. I didn't really like the artificial look, so I went for more painterly colouring.

Finished colour, before colour-adjusting with the background.


lucyrogue said...

Hey that's the gumboots I wanted! Neato, very neato.
Missing you!

Anonymous said...

Hey, It would be great to know the software u R using.

I was amazed to know you are just 14, is that correct???

Thumbs up!

Joe said...

Most of my images are made using Photoshop CS and I draw using a Wacom Intuos 2 drawing tablet. Sometimes I use Corel Painter in conjunction with Photoshop, but not always.

I'm not really 14. Sorry if my MySpace page is misleading, but I just put that there as a joke. I'm actually 20 years old. Not that impressive now, eh? :)

Thanks for your support!