Saturday, September 30, 2006

Updizzate in ya fizzace.


Haven't been drawing much lately. Uni's been hella-busy. Plus I got some work going with Catfish Productions. You can see some piccies here.

Last night Louie was playing with my pocket knife after I took some scissors away from him. Then he started play-fighting with Leigh and nearly cut his pinky finger off. After he bled all over my room, we took him to the hospital. He got some stitches. He's okay now.



lucyrogue said...

Oh my god was his pinky finger bent to the side like that BEFORE the knifing?

Ally said...


that musta hurt.

Joe said...

Yeah he's got screwed up pinkys anyway. They're both bent. The doctor was about to call the plastic surgeon in but then he showed her his other pinky.