Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Are you PSYCHED for the new Mission Impossible movie? By golly, I am! Tom Cruise may be a placenta-slurping dick in real life (although my mate Louie may disagree), but when it comes to the big screen, he sure knows how to blow shit up and make himself look really cool!

Our preperations for the big premiere tomorrow night have included watching the trailer at LEAST 10 times every hour and re-watching our favourite parts of the original flick, including, but not limited to: "Kittridge, you haven't seen me upset..." and "Red light! Green light!"

I can't wait for the action sequences. Louie can't wait for the jumbo popcorn and Coke in limited edition collector's containers.

Louie spent a solid hour at work today making this image of one of our favourite scenes from the first Mission Impossible movie:

(Click HERE to see the full thing.)

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