Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Miners' millions.

So Channel 9 beat Channel 7's offer for the miner's story.

Let me exprain for those of you who've been living under a rock (pun unfortunately intended). A couple of miner's got stuck underground after an earthquake in Tasmania collapsed the mine they were working in. They were underground in a tiny cage for about two weeks, while the rescue boffins figured out how to retrieve them and the media boffins did a background check to make sure nothing would interfere with branding the two bogans as "heroes". So they got out, kissed their wives, and made no secret about trying to get as much dosh out of it as possible. The networks battled it out, and Channel 9 came out the winner, with an offer nearing 2 million bucks.

My Dad suggested he go to the losing network Channel 7 with an offer of his own: "For a million-and-a-half they can put me underground for a month." (Spoken in a charming Italian accent.)


lucyrogue said...

Jose'F daaaahling. (did I sound like Jeannie Little then?... shit!) I think you should update more often. Here I am, unplugging the phone, dialing up to Dodo with those (now retro cool) dial-up sounds, waiting ten minutes for your page to load, clicking the ActiveX pop-up about 34 times and... STILL the bloody miners story! That's old news- PLUS Eddie could probably sue you for writing about it (unless you paid a cool 2.6 million as well- in which case WHY aren't we living in Dubai?).
That's enough- just even post up your homework or something- or a link to the Odd Frog. Oooh yeah, see what the punters think.
Love you baybee,

Lucyrogue xo

Anonymous said...

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