Wednesday, October 11, 2006

An interesting day.

Yesterday was an interesting day. I showed up bright and early for work on a music video shoot for Something With Numbers. I was supposed to be operating the video split (they were shooting on 16mm film) and doing general PA work, but I somehow ended up playing a bit-part in the video itself.

Aside from the band, there are three other characters who make an appearance in the clip: two orderlies (the clip is set in a mental hospital) and a nurse. Although I wouldn't have minded the challenge of playing a nurse, they needed a rough-nut orderly, as the guy who was supposed to play him didn't show. So I put on my white scrubs and was instantly transported into the world of Mean Orderly Number 2.

I got to do cool things like drag the lead singer down a corridor and nearly drown him in a bath. It was probably the most fun I've had on a shoot so far, although it was also pretty tiring. Aside from chasing mental patients around, I also did my regular PA duties in-between takes. It was a great experience, though. The people were nice, the food was great and I got to be around motion control cameras which was pretty neat.

I would like to add that the band members were some of the nicest guys I've met. These guys have just been signed with EMI, which is huge. Their new album just came out on the 7th, and from what I've heard, it's pretty kickin'. They've just finished touring with Panic! at the Disco and start their own headlining national tour next week.

The music video for Chase the Chaser should be out in a couple of weeks, but in the meantime, you can enjoy the band's previous music vid for Apple of the Eye, which was made by much the same crew.


Catherine said...

DUDE! That is so totally sweet!
You rock!

Catherine said...

Man, J and I just saw a music video set in a mental hospital about a band called (something something) numbers, and we totally thought that it was your band with a music video theme going... but it turns out to be a theme amongst bands with "numbers" in the title. The actual band was The Magic Numbers, and it was reasonably cool even without a Joe Connection.

Joe said...

Whoa, that's freaky.

From what I've heard, the Something With Numbers clip should be on rotation on Channel V in a couple of weeks. I suppose if there's a good response it'll get played on Video Hits or Rage.