Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Screen Tests

I've been spending the last few weekends in auditions for a feature film a friend of mine is planning on shooting at the end of the year. I'm getting pretty deeply involved in the project, but more on that in another post.

We shot some screen-tests for our call-back talent last weekend, and I edited together some of the quieter moments for funsies. You can download it:

Most of the actors came in super-nervous and insecure, and these are some of the moments I caught on tape. Most of them got pretty relaxed within 30 seconds of talking to the director, but that stuff doesn't really make for interesting footage, does it?

I hope the actors in this video don't mind me posting it here. If so, they can bite me. Or send me an e-mail or something.


J-dizzle said...

Why's Viggo Mortensen auditioning for your film?

lucyrogue said...

One of those guys was Simon Mallory!
I knew him from high school. He played a wicked Artful Dodger in our production of Oliver!
You gots to pick him. Also there was this cute girl with a ponytail who just LIT UP the screen so pick her too and it's a blockbuster.
Can I be an extra in the coffee shop or at Erinsborough High?

steve said...

is miss blonde girl acting? if not, she looks like she's totally in awe of her surroundings. she looks so innocent!

i reckon this should be like joe's audition idol. what's the sms number to keep girl #2 in the competition?