Tuesday, November 20, 2007


When I'm not listening to podcasts like Get This and SModcast, I've usually got some music playing. So, inspired by a post on John Mayer's blog, here's what my ears have been tasting lately:

Beck - Guerolito
This was the first Beck I'd ever heard, and I instantly loved it. It's totally unique. A wonderful blend of folk-pop with some lo-fi electro mashed up in there. Here's probably my favourite track from the album Girl.

Beck - The Information
After hearing Guerolito, I had to find some more Beck. I found The Information somewhat darker, but still full of pop hooks with some great beats. Totally drivable music. I found it hard to pick just one track from The Information to share, but here's Think I'm In Love.

Sean Lennon - Friendly Fire
How anyone could manage to produce such a unique and honest album after following in the footsteps of John Lennon amazes me. Friendly Fire is full of playful melody and unexpected chord changes, and Sean Lennon delivers his lyrics beautifully. Again, it was incredibly hard to pick just one song to share, 'cause they're all so good, but here's the first single released, Dead Meat.

Jeremy Fisher - Goodbye Blue Monday
A fun album from a Canadian singer-songwriter. Upbeat riffs, lyrics that reveal deeper meaning on subsequent listens and a great Paul Simon-esque sunny feel make this an album that's been on constant rotation for a while now. I sure hope this guy makes it soon. Here's Scar That Never Heals.

Kanye West - Graduation
Just a very solid album from an artist who I'd previously ignored. You've all no doubt heard Stronger by now, so here's Can't Tell Me Nothing.

There's plenty more, but that's enough for now. Enjoy!


Azzamckazza said...

oh, you've just discovered Beck. Awesome. Go out and get Mutations, Odelay and then listen to SeaChange. No...wait, listen to Midnite Vultures before Seachange. Um....Just listen to all his albums. He's the business.

Graducation hasn't grown on me yet. I'm still stuck on Late Registration which seems a lot more solid and alot let focused on 'i've got money, and bling and ho's'

jdizzle said...

man i love beck too! glad to find someone who does aswell. 'Think im in love' is indeed good, but my fav would have to be 'cellphone's dead'

Joe said...

Share the Beck love people!

Azzamckazza said...

You guys know he's a Scientologist right?

Joe said...

Yeah, well... so is Tom Cruise, and I love that bastard. He has such a cool run!