Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Should I get a haircut or what?

At the moment the hair atop mine cranium is in that "neither here nor there", not quite long, not quite short stage. There's not much I can do with it aside from shampoo and condition and hope a finch doesn't lay eggs in it.

The hair in question didn't get to this stage by my will. Oh no. Some people seem to think that I'm quote-unquote "growing my hair" (I realise I don't need to say "quote-unquote" when I'm putting actual quote-unquote "quotation marks", but I felt like it. Get off my back, already.) Truth is, I just haven't been bothered to get a damn haircut for some time.

And so now I'm at a crossroads where I can either do nothing and grow it long again like I did a number of months ago, or book an appointment with my hairdresser what looks like Jon Lovitz.


Scovin said...

cut it fool!

lucyrogue said...

Ya look like that guy from Knocked Up.

GalleryOwner said...

Hey guy,

your art is like cartoons, thats not art. Grown men that draw cartoons don't make the big cheeder like Christo and Jeanne-Claude.

Let me know when you start making real art...

lucyrogue said...

Who is this 'galleryowner' and why is he picking on you?
Maybe he is being sarcastic and is actually a friend?
Or maybe you are being targeted by jealous fans now like Ms Fits is!