Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Why WOFE is taking so long.

As you, my loyal readers, are no doubt aware of, I've been working on a book pitch for a book called "Watch Out for Earthlings" for a very cool dude in sunny San Fran. It's a love job, which I'm more than happy to be doing without pay, although hopefully it will lead to lucre if and when the book gets picked up.

Anyway, I'm putting a lot of effort into producing quality illustrations for it. I'm hoping to include some in my portfolio (currently under development) to show off to art directors around town.

The previous images I've posted haven't really shown the level of detail I'm working at, so here's an actual-sized (A3 @ 300dpi) detail of the cover image so far:

It loses some of the slickness at this level, but you get to see the dirtiness of the pastels, which I kinda like.

When a piece is intended for print, I normally work at pretty high-res anyway, but this is probably the highest level of detail I've worked at. And even this pales in comparison to some other artists.

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Ally said...

very awesome!