Thursday, October 02, 2008

Identity Design

I want to get into doing some more design work, so to pad my folio a little I invented some make-believe companies and designed logos for them.

The giant "O" is supposed to represent those old-timey surgical head-lamps. The greenish colour is a reference to hospital interiors and surgical uniforms (a la Scrubs).

This one was fun to do. I don't know if it really fits the corporate world, though. (Also, looking at it now, I think I should have chosen a different font. The "m" looks too much like "m&m's".) Can you think of another pretend company that would be better suited to this logo?

This design was inspired by retro air-hostess outfits.

I love tracing over fonts by hand. Gives it a real natural feel. I just Googled the company name and found out that it acutally exists! Whoops.

It's fun to play with fonts like this. The "A" is just an upside-down "V".

That's it!


Catherine said...

I think I would not hate working for submerge. Until I realised that they took themselves seriously and the fun logo was actually a lie. Then I would hate it.

I like all of those logos. They all work, or at least paint good pictures of who the companies are.

do i look like i care? said...

i really like them, especially the organic one- it suits so well. im still trying to work out the submerge one though and i can't move past a pool cleaning business that serves you with all your pool related needs.

hannah said...

I think the submerge one would be good for refreshing looking!

The PAVE one reminds me of a multi-national giant producing fertiliser that poisons babies in africa and is then brought to justice in an Erin Brokovitch style expose...

Anonymous said...

Big fan of these. You definitely have a gift for visuals that make the viewer feel comfortable. The PAVE one strikes me as a manufacturer of soap, however.

I think your most interesting artwork are the pieces where you branch out, style-wise.